Yasmine B-D

Yasmine B-D


Dynamic Red LED Light Sculpture

Full description of the concept

StarDancer is a dynamic light sculpture that invites viewers to enjoy an engaging experience that suspends conceptions of time and space through the universal power of light. Mesmerizing and immersive, the volumetric piece features a cluster of large custom-designed LED light tubes that radiate a limitless array of intriguing light patterns.
A large wooden base holds the light tubes in the air.

About the group/Artist

Adrian Luz is part of a new ‘transnationally’ active generation. The term refers to a biography and body of work spanning multiple countries, whereby changes in perspective and social realities related thereto are not negated but given a positive artistic interpretation.
Adrian Luz was born in the border town of Tijuana, grew up in Los Angeles, spent numerous years in Paris, and is currently living in Berlin. He is known for his temporary art installations in public spaces. Interventions like “Of Two” on the Simone de Beauvoir bridge in Paris (2012), “Reminiscences of a Higher Place” in La Jolla Indian Reservation, San Diego (2016), “Something Inside Myself” at Miami Art Basel (2016), and various creative interventions at Burning Man create unique, aesthetic social places- moments of spontaneous gathering and positive appropriation by passers-by.
When the artworks of Adrian Luz disappear, they remain as memories, thoughts, and more importantly, as proof of a best case scenario of a new societal possibility.

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