Reflect (Evolve / Love)

Rumzar / wake collective


Octahedron mirror cube installation, emitting meditative sounds and sacred frequencies, projecting psychedelic visuals on the ground.

Full description of the concept

171 flags mounted on Bamboo sticks create a word puzzle. But the puzzle has been solved for you.
The flag installation is centered around a "platonic solid" installation. A big octahedron mirror cube, emitting low, meditative sacred frequencies in 4 directions and projecting DMT visuals at night on the ground, towards the 4 world corners.
Write your loving desires on the flags for a better, healthier, more sustainable future. For yourself, for the planet, For LOVE.
Among the flags you center yourself. Meditate and pray. And the wishes for a better future will blow in the desert winds and take on the journey to meet the rest of the world.

Each flag is a 3m bamboo pole drilled into the ground. In the top of the pole is tied a white prayer flag (50x50cm) and a black marker (for burners to write wishes for a better future). Sunpowered LED lights in the top of each pole lights up in the darknes together with the visuals on the ground

Centered in the O of the installation is the Octahedron cube.

About the group/Artist

An extremely active organizer of alternative parties and raves in Scandinavia. Hosting a variety of OFF-venues and club initiatives. Has played with a multitude of the biggest djs in the world but work with facilitating meditative journeys in relaxing/healing music, and psychedelic ceremonies and trip imitation experiences.
In 2015 he facilitated one of the biggest refugee demonstration in Europe (Refugees Welcome in Copenhagen - 30-40000 people attending). Involved in psychedelic science as and exploring the frontiers of electronic music and music produced within the frames of sacred rituals and shamanic ceremonies.

Wake Collective is an international group of people, primarily based in Copenhagen facilitating conscious clubbing events, song circles and concerts to share inspiration through art

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