Geister - Promo for the Serbian/regional burn

Polimorf & Festival Cirkuliranje


Geister (ghosts) represents the entrance gate of the festival. Four figures of eight meters high in dramatic position are welcoming visitors to the festival grounds. They could represent ghosts of your past, present, future and your new self - you decide.

Full description of the concept

Geister (ghosts) are four figures covered with dark canvases. Their faces are made of white cloth that shines with a whitish light. The impressive height makes this installation quite monumental in any environment. For the construction we use wood, and it is easy to construct and deconstruct. Also, that way it could be easily transported. This figures could be easily be used for the final ceremony of burning the man – of course, if the license for burning is acquired.
For the interactivity with the burners there are couple of options. The idea is to have a standard greeting sound for the „old“ burners, and also light patterns. For the “virgins” the figures could produce a louder sounds of joy. Everything could be done like semi-automatic, and also via sensors to be fully automated.
After the start of the festival, the figures could be relocated on the festival grounds, and later on positioned around the central place on Saturday, or even used for the burn.

The idea of the Geister-ghosts is to have all three ghosts – past, present and future, together with the new self in creating a better reality of the one present. To implement the 10 principles of the burn philosophy to the “default“ life. Geister is one of the concepts that is planned to be presented on that future burn, and also to promote that event.

Concept for this design started from idea to have a burn event in Serbia and surrounding countries. That concept goes with the working title – „Travelling Burn”. This micro Burn (up to 200 burners) would promote a burn culture to the region. This approach seems to be the "right" one, considering the possibilities that are on the table.

Together, we have a chance to create new burn festival in couple of countries.

About the group/Artist

Festival CIRKULIRANJE is the initiator of the idea of the burn in Serbia and on Balkans. When we say promotion, we mean attracting people in to ideas of burning man, and promotion of the burner culture.

The Polimorf became the part of our community through our art colony.

Polimorf is a loose collective of sculptors, painters, illustrators, street artists, graphic and industrial designers, photographers and scenographers situated in New Belgrade. Officially and legally formed in March 2013. We originally came together for support, practical or otherwise, as well as to work together in an attempt to foster an uninhibited exchange of ideas. We combined our colourful backgrounds and decided that urban intervention was going to be our primary goal as a group.

Creating a space which can offer more than just an empty field, rotten walls, unused spaces and public areas - that is our goal.

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