MansterVille - The Propane Punk Circus

Inspirokracie / Vojta Štulc


MansterVille is an art circus-funfair that evovled from and around The MansterWheel. Full of interactive fire art, workshops, performances and parties. A place to have fun, chill, share skills or rave - Propane Punk style!

Full description of the concept

MansterVille is a concept fire art zone that developed from and around the first art installation - The MansterWheel. MW is a giant steel double hamsterwheel set up with propane poofers. Participants can enter the cages (one in each cage) and walk just like hamsters to make the cages spin around each other, while others can play with the poofers remote control and give their ride a toast. You will experience very unusual sense of motion and since the two cages are connected together by the driving chain, every impulse is transfered from one wheel to the other so the two "mansters" have to cooperate and sync their rythm and speed to achieve a smooth fun ride for both. Going through the top, you can enjoy a 360 view of the festival around you and feel the heat of the poofers blasting safely just outside the cage.
What once was a solitary art piece, now is an art carnival. Some of the various objects wait for you to play with them, while other create the pleasant ambience and serve practical purposes. Everything around you is part of the design – theres nothing out of the default word that would disturb your experience.
Lets take a look at the individual pieces that together create the Propane Punk Circus.
Being atrracted by huge blasts of fire in the distance like a moth, you come closer to discover a beutiful fire garden. A metal gate is inviting you to explore. It looks like a broken giant cogged wheel stuck into the ground, its rim on fire. Its hand cut from steel and bears the sign and name – MansterVille. Welcome!
MV contains several interactive objects:
The Book – A giant steel and leader clad book sitting on a steel base with a propane torch on top giving light. The book is full of blank pages for you to express youself and leave a trace (crayons provided) and also messages and art from other participants.
The Mirror – A disc divided into 8 sections: 4 of them cut out and the other 4 having a mirror on both sides. Its a toy for two, each on one side. One is spinning the disc, when it rotates the mirrors and clear spaces strobe and you see your face (and expression) and your friends on the other side merge together. Player 2 has a panel with 8 switches – each operating a directional light (top/bottom and left/right) aimed at both of you so that you can light up parts of your faces and leave the rest in the dark.
Big spinner – a disc 2,3m in diameter, cut out in the pattern of the central cogged wheel of MW. It makes a black light maze. When you spin it, blinking bouncing balls keep falling through the corridors.
Small spinner – also a black light installation mimicing the motion of Mansterwheel. When you spin a handle you put two pairs of discs (also creating the mandala pattern) in motion. Like on the MW these spin and orbit each other. Each pair of discs creates a different halucinogenic illusion when spinned at different speeds.
And then theres a lot of stuff creating the beautiful environment and design.
10m diameter , partially covered dome – shade and rain protected area for a beautiful DJ stage. Usually decorated with stretch decorations.
Several hand cut fire barrels
Safe and LNT fire space (stage) equipment including a Dip ´n´drip stations for your props, beautiful fire lit up perimeter, wet cloths…
Thats it.

About the group/Artist

Once upon a time there was a boy who loved theater, so much he became an actor and even got a degree. But wasnt succesfull and happy until he discovered new circus and street performace. And then he wen t to BRC to build the first Czech effigy there (CORE 2013 - Czech Oasis and then Embrace 2014 and Temple of Mazu 2015), spent a year in an art squat in Belgrade, self-learned how to weld. Founded an creative collective Inspyrocracy with his friends.There comes the passion for buildinding art with your hands and to perform.

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