Social Synesthesia

Mr. V


Seeing touch: Making a psysical touch visual? Yes, we can do that. Set up a massage chair that is hooked up with heat sensitive thermal imaging camera's and beamers that live stream/project the image on or next to your body, while you are being massaged.

Full description of the concept

I touch, I touch what you can't touch and it's orange. Making a physical touch visual? Yes, we can actually do that. We set up a massage chair that is hooked up with heat sensitive camera's, also known as thermal imaging camera's or infrared thermography. Let's warm each other up!

The idea is simple: you can directly see the warmth effects of your own massages on the image that is projected. Especially great at night. Imagine the perfect ice-breaker: do you want to see what ice on your back looks like? Now we can play with the visualization of heat effects on our bodies, together!

The massage rig idea can work anywhere: All that is needed is a massage chair, some heat sensitive camera's, projectors, a processing computer, electricity and a rig to secure everything in place and protect it from the elements. The camera's and the beamers work as a live stream, which is projected on top of the person who is massaged.

About the group/Artist

One image can tell a thousand words, one touch can tell a thousand pictures.
Mr. V is not your average masseur, no he is a visionary medical anthropologist who tells you the story of your body. The universal language isn't math, instead it's touch.

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