Firecup Art

Alexander Khrustalev


Back to the Future: Dystopia about Space Dogs
It's the story about space romantic which where lost. We'd like to reanimate it in our firepits to let people dream about the space and explore it.

Full description of the concept

In the 60-80s, faith in the power of the human mind and the conquest of the cosmos reached its peak. Mankind has faithfully believed in the legend of the expansion of neighboring galaxies and scientific and technological progress.

Then, in 2010, the myths of space exploration and robotics are experiencing a crisis of confidence. Western culture is disappointed in the idea of intergalactic colonization and the related improvement in the quality of life, and artificial intelligence in mass culture finally mutates in a silent servant with the potential of an unconditional enemy.

The installation "Back to the Future: Dystopia about Space Dogs" brings us back to the golden age of sci-fi, suggesting a time when faith in the boundless and omnipotent human mind and spirit was boundless. The design of the art object uses the work of Soviet artists from science fiction novels. The heroes of their works - conquerors of outer space, extraterrestrial landscapes, as well as intelligent and faithful to mankind robots, comrades-in-arms.

About the group/Artist

It's a family project. Me and my wife - Alexander Khrustalev & Anna Khrustaleva

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