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An interactive space to keep the human rights of families in the consciousness of everyone. The fabulous love dome full of images to raise the oxytocin, the caravan graffitied up, the enormous vagina and emotionally charged performance will blow you away❤️

Full description of the concept

So we will bring you the love dome packed with art, the enormous silk vagina and our stunningly beautiful graffitied caravan, a set up that each year blows peoples minds in so many ways...
The dome is a 6.5 m wooden geodome.the caravan a classic Eriba
The decor and art within has been created by Vanessa Brooks, midwife and artist..this collection of photos and mixed media images shows the beauty of birth and the eco community we live in.
The giant silk vagina is a beautiful piece that is used in our show,built around an ariel hoop..we lift the hoop high during our performance folk go wild! This piece also enables people to pass through it (3500 last year!) to be reborn...it has a deep effect on so many...
Our performance is 20 mins, a story based on the trail of Agnes Gregg and many other midwives sent to jail in these mad times ..thier crime? Helping women birth at home in thier power, we have recorded the music,created a flash dance which we teach. It is a powerful piece.
The space is super welcoming to all we are an all gender friendly space.
The space is art its self filled with rugs and cushions it draws everyone in..an enigma what is this space? Once in the art the lushness and our fabulous team make you welcome with tea, smiles and beauty....( midwives shine it,s all that oxytocin! )
Our schedule looks like this.
9am munters yoga, this I usually run from Wednesday as all the team love it, fun and uplifting 45mins with trust games at the end...re enforcing the need to look after each other during festivals.
11am Fridays,Saturday,Sunday workshops for pregnant families and midwives
Afternoons we are open for cunt crafting good opportunity to chat with you folks about love sex, body image, we on average get 40 people in making cunts a great momento to take home from a festival! The space is also ready for chilling with your baby and reading from our library,breast feeding and watching the festival go by.
Sunday afternoon we hold a mixed talking circle a heartwarming,heartbreakingly touching time where particularly young adults find a voice and experience a circle ⭕️
We enjoy a reading by princess vagina of the brilliant book ‘ princes and the poo’
You can read so much on the web page and check the photos..
The space changes lives,opens eyes to the beauty of sharing,birth,family we keep it super fun and heart felt.
We are a community living in southern Spain, off grid,plastic free,growing veg and sharing skills.
We shine the light far and wide with this installation and the need for campaigning for human rights in childbirth are so relevant right now, before the medical establishment and insurance companies take over our bodies.
The burner community have babies,it is one of the most profound life changing processes. Art and open discussion lead to momentous change in the next generation.

About the group/Artist

We are midwives on a mission we live together on the land in southern Spain ...we run a community space and school for midwives and we help women have babies...grow veg and party too!
This is us...daaluzoasis.com

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