The Fetish Cuisine

Coen Aerts & Hans van Etten


The Fetish Cuisine is a pop-up restaurant / theatre where you can order high-quality
taste-experiences with a touch of BDSM.

Get spanked with a leak, Choose the ‘Herbal Humiliation’,go for a
‘KamasutrAmuse’ , or Order a ‘Toe-Foot-Tofu’ experience.

Full description of the concept

How wonderful would it be to enjoy a proper restaurant dinner with your fresh playa-lover and get turned-on at the same time!

Love goes through the belly, we all know that. That's why the Fetish Cuisine combines food porn with interactive BDSM performance.

From the menu our guests can order their prefered taste-experience. You might be tied on the table by chef 'Le Cock' and get spanked with a leak before tasting your delicious leak soupe. Or you will have to endure the tickling 'Herbal Humiliation' after begging for a vodka-induced tea-bag.

In any case you won't leave this restaurant hungry or dry!

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