Coen Aerts


THE GASOLINE BAR is an interactive performance-art motorbike-installation hosted by Mr. Gasoline.

The audience is invited to enter Mr. Gasoline's reality, gamble for a 'ride' on Horny (the bike) and drink some Gasoline (guayusa energy-drink).

Full description of the concept

THE GASOLINE BAR shows people the fluidity of reality; you can actually create your own. By transforming into Mr. Gasoline, Coen Aerts leaves his ego 'behind' and starts being someone else in real time, real space. It seems to seduce the audience to do the same by entering his realm and play along.

This dynamic makes the Gasoline Bar a continuous interesting watch although the logistic stay the same (i.e. gambling for a ticket for the 'route 69' and having a shot of Gasoline). Furthermore Mr. Gasoline's playfull character makes him starting spontaneous workshops like 'Gasoline Time' morning exercises and 'Sexy Dance, Dancing Sexy' dance workshops ( credits to his friend Florent Ruppert for that second one).

In practise, people are invited one by one to put some ' love' into Horny's slotmachine's little hole. After people discovered that 'love' shouldn't necessarily be monetary, they often get creative and give the hole something nice, anything. They pull the handle and get the chance to win the jackpot: a ticket for the 'Route 69' - a ride on the bike with Mr. Gasoline himself and some motor oil. At every interaction Mr. Gasoline changes the music from his soundsystem suiting the person in play. In any case people win a shot of Gasoline dispensed by his Gasoline nozzle. This is an organic energy drink based on Guayusa that a friend of mine brews with his NGO based in Equador (

In short, Mr. Gasoline shows fits into the Burner Community by his nomad way of living, subversive and shameless character and over the top matching outfits that are to 'cheesy' to be true.

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