Lev Kraitman


Giant 12m sphere with 125 light changing programmed triangles creates the most amaizng multisensetional expirience on playa!

Full description of the concept

Inspired by the mutant ninja turtles fantasy movies, The Tech(no)drome is a unique Light&Sound (and other senses like taste and movement as we gift pizza partyies inspired by the ninja turtles.) art installation, built in a giant 35ft. Geodesic Sphere, covered in 125 computer controlled light triangles. The viewer stands in the middle while the light fills hes\hers eye sight and ear, and takes them out of their minds. it brings up thoughts and reflective emotions and works amazing with all types of music that we adapt to Ð
The viewers are a interactive part of the program, as the light changes LIVE by the amount of people and their movement, with a special sensor camera. also, music effects the light algorythem.
Besides partying or just staring up while laying on giant pillows, in the sphere we are looking forward to hosting and cooporating dance groups, performers, live music, parties and ceremonies as its a community art space. weve hosted burner weddings, japanese tea ceremoies, orchastra and more. we invite the community to effect this art piece! different disciplines that togather open our hearts and creat a better art.

About the group/Artist

an instalationist from israel's midburn :)
i have been using domes in my projects for several years, and every year i creat a villan charachter from
a different fantasy movie. i believe that this concept allows me to inspire others that anything and king of
fantasy can become reality. 2 years ago it was darth vader from star was.Ð

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