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The purpose of Project Any True meaning is to create understanding and interactivity related to the concept of consent. The art is intended to encourage others to define and inspire actions that require mutual consent.

Full description of the concept

The ATM kiosk (or geldautomaat in Dutch) has been created to allow users to deposit and withdraw poetry containing the question, "May I (action phrase) you?". Each user is encouraged to share his or her poem and determine whether consent from the recipient to perform the action phrase is granted. The poem creation and sharing aspects of Project ATM provide interactivity with the art piece, its users, and and its viewers including poem recipients.


Software Application: Project Any True Meaning can take many forms. At its simplest, it is a software application that allows users to create poetry with a syntax similar to the classic love poem:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
And so are you.

Project ATM’s Version 3 software application allows the replacement of nouns and adjectives within the first three lines of a similarly structured consent poem. The ATM's user interface also prompts the user to fill in a verb to complete the fourth line of the poem modified into the question, "May I _____ you?".

[Flowers] are [color]
[Flowers] are of a [color] hue
[Dessert] is sweet
May I [verb / action phrase] you?

Devices: A tablet computer will be used to display Project ATM’s software application. The tablet computer will connect to a thermal printer, which will enable poems to be printed on receipt paper.

Community Collaboration: Flowers, colors, desserts, and verbs/action phrases will be sourced from members of various burner-related Facebook Events and Groups. Words (flowers, colors, desserts, and verbs/action phrases) gathered from Facebook users via a survey will be stored in a database and used for creating consent poems.

ADVANCED DEVELOPMENT / The following elements are examples that may be added to Project ATM as resources and funding are accrued:

Repurposed Materials: An objective of Project ATM is to continue repurposing technology and materials to satisfy a concept of sustainable design. The version of Project ATM created in 2016 was made from a repurposed Triton brand Automatic Teller Machine. As an alternative, repurposed wood and/or plastic may be used to construct a kiosk for the ATM (see Distributed Construction / Flat Pack Model).

Solar Power: Project Any True Meaning intends to make use of renewable energy sources for its operation. Pending funding, the 2018 design will integrate solar panels and/or other renewable energy options as electricity sources.

Court of Consent: To add more interactivity to Project Any True Meaning, the group is considering the inclusion of a judicial booth within the art installation. One Project Any True Meaning member will act as a judge who decides whether consent was granted. A jury comprised of festival attendees may be involved as well. Users of the ATM may stand before the judge and jury along with other participants who choose to interact with the users' reciting of their poems. Participants may respond to the action phrase question at their own will, thus providing or denying consent to be further interpreted by the court. A consent agreement can potentially be signed stating conditions of consent.

TRANSPORTATION / Distributed Construction / Flat Pack Model:A version of the Project ATM kiosk may be built such that it can be packed into a flat rectangular shape. This “flat-pack” version of the ATM’s kiosk serves dual functions. Firstly, it makes the project transportable via a standard automobile. Secondly, a manual for the flat-pack design can be shared with Project ATM teams and makerspaces across Europe so materials can be sourced closer to each festival.

Estimated Transportation Costs: The minimum viable art project components for Project ATM may be transported as plane luggage, which may cost approximately 100 EUR in luggage fees per round trip. Estimated costs for car rental and gas to haul the ATM kiosk will be between 300 EUR and 1000 EUR per event. Cost dependencies include proximity of the makerspace to the festival, gas prices, and the festival’s length in days.

About the group/Artist

Project Any True Meaning (Project ATM) began in 2016. It was first conceptualized and built by burners located in Austin, Texas, United States and is being perpetuated by burners located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Barcelona, Spain. The group plans to attend Nowhere and is contemplating attending Burning Nest, Where the Sheep Sleep, and other European burns as funding permits.

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