Guru Dave's Trance and mental Meditation experience



Satire mocking the self declared gurus of the new age industry. Immersive, interactive comedy show in which guru Dave guides you through the best worst meditations of your spiritual life. Om

Full description of the concept

The new age world is full of gurus and fake shamen and spirutual guides who will heal you of your ego (and expand their own at the same time). All for a bunch of dollars. Tantra, tarrot, spirit animal finders, I'm looking at you and your overpriced nonsense.

Guru Dave is better than all of you. The best, most awesome, most powerful and most expensive guru of them all.

This show is a pointed warning to all of us about trusting self declared spiritualists and personal growth gurus.

It's an immersive stage show and mock meditative experience. With individual, couple and group excercises, and visits from some sexually charged guest healers.

About the group/Artist

Nadaav is a writer/performer. He believes in the power of laughter to improve mental health and is a laughter yoga facilitator. He also believes strongly in satire: using humour to attack and mock and point problems in the world others might fail to see

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