The sinners sermon



Interactive performance art that mocks the power structures in religious organizations. Led by a preacher, theme camps are invaded and the sinful led away. With dramatic vignettes on sin and redemption, sinners are saved. The preacher isn't so lucky.

Full description of the concept

The sinners sermon is an immersive and interactive piece of mobile theatre. A preacher and his clergy walk through the event invading theme camps. They improvise reasons to defame the camp as sinful and offer redemption to those who denounce the camp and join their procession. Along the way they perform strange rituals and have visitations from devils, priests and shamen.

The procession gathers a large following and heads to a holy site (hill top, River bank, sea shore or temple) for a final cleansing ritual.
But with that we discover that the real demons are the preacher's!

The whole thing is tongue in cheek, quick witted and funny but it comes from a personal place of the artist dealing with his own religious upbringing.

About the group/Artist

Nadaav is a writer/performer. He believes in the power of laughter to improve mental health and is a laughter yoga facilitator. He also believes strongly in satire: using humour to attack and mock and point problems in the world others might fail to see

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